Rui Maio Full Professor at Nova Medical School

Rui Maio, Hospital Beatriz Ângelo clinical director, Hospital da Luz Lisboa clinical director assistant and director of the departments of surgery in both hospitals, is the new full professor at Nova Medical School – Faculdade de Ciências Médicas (FCM), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL).

The HBA and HL Lisboa surgeon, who is also university professor for several years now, reaches the highest rank of his academic career, now assuming the degree of full professor in Surgery and Human Morphology, at FCM, UNL.

Rui Maio was already, since 2013 (year of his aggregation), the coordinator and responsible for the curricular unit of “Surgery Internship”, in the 6th grade of Medicine at Nova Medical School, being also, since last year, the coordinator of the whole 6th grade, the year of professionalization.

Rui Maio obtained his PhD in 2008, by Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa, where he initiated his academic path, then taking the aggregation process at FCM, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, university where he run for full professor in Surgery and Human Morphology.

The jury was presided by the UNL rector, António Rendas, and had for members Francisco Castro e Sousa, Paulo Costa, Fátima Carneiro, José Fragata and João O’Neill, doctors and university professors at different medicine faculties of the country.

The decision of assigning Rui Maio the first place, after examining all candidates, was announced last week. In the evaluation, were considered the scientific accomplishment, development and innovation, the pedagogical capacity and other relevant aspects, namely clinical competence, in terms of teaching and in terms of research, presented by the candidate, at national and international level.