SINAS recognizes clinical excellence in Gynecology, Neurology and Orthopedics at the Hospital da Luz

The Hospital da Luz obtained the maximum three stars for clinical excellence in the fields of gynecology (hysterectomies), neurology (stroke) and orthopedics (total hip and knee arthroplasty) in the quality assessment carried out by the regulatory authority (LRA) on all hospitals in the country through SINAS (National Health Evaluation System).

It should be noted that the Hospital da Luz also received the maximum rating (quality level III) for patient safety, suitability and comfort of the facilities and patient focus.

The specialties of cardiology, treatment of acute myocardial infarction, obstetrics, deliveries and prenatal care, orthopedics, surgical treatment of proximal fracture of femur, pediatrics, neonatal care and pulmonology (treatment of pneumonia) also received above average ratings in clinical excellence, especially in the hospitals evaluated.

SINAS is the system for evaluating the overall quality of health care providers developed by ERS, which is based on the values of rigor, transparency and objectivity. The LRA argues that this evaluation system 'advocates scientific and technical rigor, objectivity and justice, motivation and involvement of service providers, transparency and intelligibility both by the institutions evaluated, and the general public, and in particular the users'.