A million imaging exams. Thank you very much!

Last June, the Imaging Center of the Hospital da Luz reached one million exams, performed since its opening, in December 2006.

We thank to our clients!

With your preference we could grow and improve, every day, our performance.

We are now a center of reference for cardiovascular imaging by computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and also for breast imaging with tomosynthesis and MRI-guided intervention.

We contribute to the progress of science, developing research in highly differentiated areas of diagnostic imaging, for example, in neuroscience, in diagnosis and intervention with image fusion in prostate diseases, in MRI and arthro-MRI protocols applied to musculoskeletal pathology and sports medicine, among others.

We continue to invest in the training of new doctors and imaging technicians.

We built a team of doctors, technicians, assistants, communicators, transcriptionists, administrative and managers who daily seeks the satisfaction of each of you, with professionalism and dedication, and that, with your help, make us proud.

Continue to believe in us, we will continue to exceed your expectations!