Clinical Services
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    Medical specialty that is dedicated to the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system and the pathology of the spine.

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  • Clinical Services

    • Neurosurgery Consultation

    • Spine Surgery

      • Canal Stenosis and Lumbar Spondylolisthesis

      • Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

      • Vertebral Fractures

      • Vertebral Medullar Tumors

      • Scoliosis and Kyphosis

      • Prosthetic Disc

      • Disk Herniation Surgery

      • Revision Surgery

      • Minimally Invasive Techniques

    • Neurovascular Surgery

      • Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms

      • Treatment of Cavernomas

      • Treatment of Vascular Malformations

      • Cerebral Reperfusion

      • Radiosurgery

    • Oncological Neurosurgery

      • Intraoperative Fluorescence

      • Radiosurgery

      • Neuronavigation With Intraoperative CT (Computer-Guided Surgery)

      • Intraoperative Mapping of Cerebral Functions by Electrical Stimulation

    • Pediatric Neurosurgery

    • Carpal Tunnel Surgery

    • Pain Management

    • Special Procedures

      • Neuronavigation With Intraoperative CT (Computer-Guided Surgery)

      • Intraoperative Fluorescence

      • Endoscopy

      • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

      • Intraoperative Mapping of Cerebral Function by Direct Electrical Stimulation

  • Appointments

    The Hospital offers various methods for making appointments for consultations and diagnostic exams.