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    Medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the urinary tract and male genital tract.

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    • General Urology Consultation

    • Female Urology Consultation

    • Male Sexual Dysfunction Consultation

    • Urological Oncology Consultation

    • Prostate Diseases Consultation

    • Surgery of Urinary Structures

      • Kidney Surgery

      • Ureter Surgery

      • Bladder Surgery

    • Endoscopic Surgery of Urinary Structures

      • Transurethral Surgery for Prostate Hypertrophy

      • Surgery for Bladder Tumors

    • Percutaneous Renal Surgery for Treatment of Kidney Stones

    • Female Urological Surgery

      • Surgery for Urinary Incontinence

      • Surgery for Urogenital Prolapse

    • Urologic Laparoscopic Surgery

      • Surgery for Renal Tumor

      • Surgery for Prostate Tumor

    • Urological Cancer Screening

    • Treatment of Benign Hypertrophic Tumors with Laser

    • Treatment of Prostate Tumor with Brachytherapy

    • Treatment of Prostate Tumor with Cyrotherapy

    • Endoscopic Treatment of Ureter Diseases - Ureteroscopy

      • Treatment of Kidney Stones

      • Treatment of Tumors

    • Urology Diagnostic Exams

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  • Appointments

    The Hospital offers various methods for making appointments for consultations and diagnostic exams.