Visitors to the Hospital

Visitors to the Hospital

Please consider the following when preparing to visit someone who is receiving care at the Hospital da Luz Setúbal.

Dear Visitor,

At the Hospital da Luz Setúbal we believe that visits are essential and desirable for hospitalized patients. However, to ensure maximum safety and the necessary peace and quiet for our patients, it is necessary to establish some standards regarding hospital visits that should be observed.

When and how to visit

In the private rooms visitors are welcome between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

A maximum of three visitors per patient simultaniously is allowed.

  • Upon arrival visitors should go to Reception and inform about their presence. 
  • Patients enjoy visits from their family and friends, but bear in mind that long visits with a lot of people can become tiring for the patient.

What to take

Simple things. A book or magazine may be appreciated. Some patients like to receive flowers. Remember that the hospital provides for all essential items needed during their stay.

What to avoid

Unpleasant news or noisy conversations. Peace and quiet are needed, in particular for patients who have undergone surgery. These patients may be more sensitive to the noise of voices, the clicking of shoes, and laughing. Try not to disturb them.

The right side of the bed

To prevent the patient from feeling uncomfortable, visitors should sit on the chairs next to the bed. Do not sit on the bed.

Visits by children

Generally, we allow children to visit. However, we suggest you avoid bringing them, if possible, especially when the hospitalization period of the patient will be short.

Health problems

If you have a cold, an infectious disease or have been in contact with people who have infections, you should not visit patients at the Hospital.

Phone contact

  • If you are unable to visit someone at the hospital in person, you can contact them by phone on +351 265 509 200.
  • Private rooms have a phone: just tell the call attendant the name of the patient and the room number and you will be connected.

Duties of visitors

Visitors should observe the following guidelines for appropriate hospital behavior:

  • Respect the patient’s wishes. Do not aggravate him or her.
  • Respect the silence.
  • Do not take the patient any food or other items which are not expressly authorized.
  • Do not smoke. It is forbidden by law to smoke in a hospital.
  • Respect the areas where access is reserved for Hospital Staff.

Don’t forget

  • When you arrive to the Hospital, confirm with the nurses that it is alright to visit the patient.
  • Take care.
  • Be calm and respectful.
  • Don’t forget that there are patients at the Hospital who must not or do not want to be disturbed.