CADin inaugurates new facilities at Hospital de Santiago

CADin inaugura novas instalações no Hospital de Santiago

Children's Day was not chosen by chance. Inaugurating the new CADin Unit at the Hospital de Santiago - the Luz Saúde unit in Setúbal - on this day was 'a happy circumstance' for those who decided to 'join forces here in Setúbal and support all those who need this facility.'

The words of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Luz Saúde, Isabel Vaz, together with those of the President of CADin, Duarte Vasconcelos, and the president of Setúbal City Council, Maria das Dores Meira, can be summed up in one idea: gratitude for everything that is done by CADin to support and care for people with neurodevelopmental disorders, including children.

The new facilities of this nonprofit institution now share a space with the Hospital de Santiago, with new consulting rooms and larger spaces for clinical practice developed by CADin. Their proximity to the hospital is, according to those in charge of the institution, an opportunity to create new synergies with the Hospital de Santiago, given its multiple areas of expertise, and so expand and improve monitoring of patients by CADin professionals.