Sports cardiology at the Hospital de Santiago

Cardiologia desportiva no Hospital de Santiago

Physical exercise, both recreational and competitive, improves the quality of life and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

However, in persons with increased cardiovascular risk, exercise can be harmful to health. It is very important to carry out a clinical evaluation and have specific guidelines drawn up before starting any training program. Additionally, regular monitoring of athletes is essential to minimize the risks of physical exercise on the heart.

At the Hospital de Santiago, the new Sports Cardiology Consultation is mainly aimed at:

  • Assessing 'athletes' (recreational or competitive level) with symptoms of heart disease related to the practice of physical exercise;
  • Carrying out and interpreting complementary diagnostic exams requested by the 'athletes';
  • Conducting evaluations prior to competitions;
  • Carrying out evaluations prior to the start of regular physical exercise.

This consultation is the responsibility of Dr. Hélder Dores.