David Ângelo Integrates the European Society of Temporomandibular Joint Surgeons

David Ângelo, stomatologist from Hospital da Luz Setúbal, integrates since September 17 the European Society of Temporomandibular Joint Surgeons (ESTMJS). He is the first Portuguese physician to be accepted in this renowned society, gathering the best specialists in Europe in temporomandibular joint surgery, being approved after evidence providing in Munich.

Besides a PhD Degree completion, other requirements for admission in ESTMJS are a minimum of research articles published in scientific magazines and the regular sharing of clinical results of medical practice. David Ângelo, who completed this May his Doctoral Degree in Maxillofacial Surgery by the Faculty of Medicine from Universidade de Lisboa, combines research in the area of TMJ with the practice of surgery, contributing to the progress of tissue regeneration in this joint.

“The regular sharing of experiences with other members of the society allows continuing cooperation between the different European centres of reference”, explains David Ângelo. For Portugal, he highlights, it is therefore important to have a representative in this European society: “It is frequent for Spanish and British colleagues to handle more complex cases of TMJ surgical intervention. Now, I have ESTMJS recognition to perform any TMJ intervention”.