Hospital da Luz Setúbal Clinical Director at SIC Notícias

“It’s a very frequent situation: every year, there are about 10 thousand cases of sudden death in Portugal”, explained José Ferreira Santos, clinical director of Hospital da Luz Setúbal and secretary-general of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, in the TV show “Edição da Manhã”, at SIC Notícias, broadcasted on November 29. The intervention occurred in relation with the case of a 12-year-old child that died in the school playground, the day before, in Barcelos. 

Sudden death is more frequent among old people, but it also occurs in youth, added the cardiologist. Therefore, considering the statistics indicating that one in five deaths from cardiovascular disease occurs in a sudden death scenery, “it is a challenge for society and not only for health professionals, to be prepared to deal with these situations”, he highlighted.

“When this kind of situation occurs, there is little time to act: only three or four minutes, that are crucial”, reminded José Ferreira Santos. And he explained the importance for the population in general to know “the four links of the chain of survival”: how to identify a cardiorespiratory arrest situation and how to ask for help, how to apply basic life support manoeuvres, how to use an external automatic defibrillator and how to redirect the victim to the hospital.

Watch the participation of José Ferreira Santos in SIC Notícias TV show