Hospital da Luz Setúbal Nurses Teach How to Wash Hands Properly

Around 700 people participated in the handwashing initiative promoted by nurses from Hospital da Luz Setúbal, in the scope of the celebration of International Nurses Day.

The initiative took place on May 12 at the central square of Centro Comercial Alegro Setúbal, where a team of 12 nursing professionals from Hospital da Luz Setúbal showed how to wash hands properly, in order to prevent and control infection propagation.

As a matter of fact, this is the major purpose of the international campaign for handwashing taking place in May, at world level, and it was also the reason behind this initiative organized by the nursing board from Hospital da Luz Setúbal, integrated in a series of other actions directed to the population and intended to show nurses daily work, which is increasingly essential in healthcare.

Nurses taught the correct technique of hand and wrist washing, showing clearly the results to all the participants with the help of an ultraviolet light box, which revealed the clean and dirty areas after washing.

Besides visitors and clients of the mall Centro Comercial Alegro, classes from schools of Setúbal district also participated in the action (Agrupamento de Escolas da Ordem de Sant’Iago, Agrupamento de Escolas Sebastião da Gama and Colégio de São Filipe), the young students having answered questions related with the importance of handwashing and, of course, also learning the proper technique.

The team of nurses from Hospital da Luz Setúbal that participated in the initiative included the following elements: Miguel Veríssimo (director of nursing), Diogo Brites, Rui Pardal, Luís Miguel Martins, Vanda Deus, Andreia Mares, Vanda Sousa, Melina Mata, Liliana Mártires, Vanessa Nascimento, Elsa Rodrigues and Filipe Grácias.