Eulália Semedo Invited to Participate in World Sleep Society

Eulália Semedo, pneumologist and clinical director of the Sleep Centers from Hospital da Luz Setúbal and Hospital da Luz Clínica da Amadora, presently integrates the Publication and Website Committee of the World Sleep Society, by invitation from this organization.

The World Sleep Society was founded by the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Federation in April 2016. Its mission is to contribute for the evolution of knowledge on circadian rhythms, sleep health and sleep disorders overall, promoting the diffusion of scientific and clinical information among scientists, health professionals and the general public. The expectation is that science and sleep medicine will thus evolve faster, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life all over the world.

Eulália Semedo is a specialist in Pneumology and Sleep Medicine. She is recognized as Sleep Disorders Specialist by WASM and by the International Sleep Medicine Certification Board (ISMCB), as Somnology Expert by the European Sleep Research Society, and as Master of Science in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the University of Glasgow.