Grupo Luz Saúde has New Hospital in Guimarães

Hospital da Luz Guimarães is the more recent hospital unit of Grupo Luz Saúde and comes to take the place of the former Hospital Privado de Guimarães.

Just like in life in society, family gathers around the younger ones to protect and help them to grow strong and healthy. Such is the case of the new Hospital da Luz Guimarães, already counting with the excellent support of Luz Saúde clinical and organisational quality, in particular of the nearest units in the North, Hospital da Arrábida (presently, Hospital da Luz Arrábida) and Clipóvoa (presently, Hospital da Luz Póvoa do Varzim).

Consequently, Guimarães will benefit from the Private Hospital it deserves: a clinical framework including the best doctors, nurses and technicians, medical high technologies, human contact above reproach, with everything organised so that the client is promptly treated, in a technically correct manner and in accordance with the state of the art, at the lowest cost and respecting each person’s dignity. We guarantee our clients the rendering of services by competent, motivated and satisfied professionals, which are decisive for the excellence of care we aim.

Hospital da Luz Guimarães offers consultations and exams of nearly all medical and surgical specialties, from Monday to Friday (many of them also on Saturday), at convenient time (some of them until 23:00), with doctors specialized in different areas of their specialty. In some cases, clients may schedule appointments at the hospital with specialists of exceptional merit, which go regularly to Guimarães.

For those situations that cannot wait, a 24 hour Urgent Attendance service is available, everyday all year-long, in proper facilities equipped with observation beds. The team is led by an internal medicine specialist, present, and comprises primarily general and family doctors, nurses, clinical analysis and radiology technicians, also physically present 24 hours a day. Whenever the surgical specialist is not at the hospital, several specialties (namely general surgery and orthopaedics) give support by call to Urgent Attendance service.

And whenever surgery and/or internment is necessary, internment and surgery and labor delivery units are available and organized in order to provide safe and humanized attendance, with the quality level of the best European hospitals.

Finally, if a more complex health problem requires exceptional resources not available at Hospital da Luz Guimarães (for instance, cardiac catheterization, cardiothoracic surgery), the patient will be in good hands, being promptly directed to another hospital in our network that will provide proper care.

We are certain, at the beginning of this new year of 2016, that the arrival of Luz Saúde to Guimarães will be a moment of good memory in the future for those who will use our services and for those who, not using them, know that we are here, available and capable whenever necessary.

Welcome to Hospital da Luz Guimarães!