Hospital da Luz Setúbal meets international standards in radiology exams

Hospital da Luz Setúbal cumpre padrões internacionais nos exames radiológicos

A study made in the scope of a partnership between Hospital da Luz Setúbal (Hospital de Santiago) and Science and Technology Faculty, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, confirmed that this hospital meets the national and international standards required for the execution of imaging exams, concerning the level of radiation emitted during such exams.

This study, conducted during the professional integration and training period provided by the hospital to that faculty Physical Engineering students, consisted in gathering, classifying and analysing data concerning radiology exams of patients at Hospital da Luz Setúbal, during the first months of the year. Based on that, it was possible to conclude that reference levels are met, either required by Direção Geral de Saúde (General Board of Health), or by the European authorities stipulating good practice in this field.

The same study made it possible to verify that the level of radiation emitted in every single radiology exam and the quality of imaging obtained are adequate and within the standards established.

This kind of studies are conducted regularly and are essential to evaluate and control patient exposure to radiology exams, so as to guarantee low levels of radiation, without compromising the quality of results and, consequently, its efficient use in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.