Hospital da Luz Setúbal is the «Official Medical Service» of Vitória de Setúbal

Hospital da Luz Setúbal é o «serviço médico oficial» do Vitória de Setúbal

Hospital da Luz Setúbal is, from now on, the «official medical service» of Vitória Futebol Clube – Futebol SAD. The hospital and the football club from the city of Setúbal signed a protocol of partnership in health, officialising a collaboration that was already taking place since last season.

With this partnership, the athletes from Vitória, both of the professional football team and training teams, have at their disposal the integrated offer of clinical and hospital services in that unit and in Luz Saúde network, in order to support the practice of sport in the club, the Hospital da Luz Setúbal now having exclusivity in providing healthcare to those athletes.

In the scope of this partnership, besides annual and contracting check-ups and privileged access to all medical exams proved necessary for athletes, Hospital da Luz Setúbal provides its associates and Vitória athletes a series of advantages, such as check-ups for adults and ophthalmologic screening for children, among others.

The protocol of partnership was formalized on July 26, in a ceremony held at the press-room of Setúbal club, where were present Isabel Vaz and Tomás Branquinho da Fonseca, CEO and administrator of Luz Saúde group respectively, as well as the president of Vitória Futebol Clube – Futebol SAD, Fernando Oliveira.

On the occasion, Isabel Vaz declared that it was «a reason of great pride» for Luz Saúde group «to be in that partnership», wishing that it would contribute «for the success of Vitória and for the development of sport and of the city of Setúbal». Also Fernando Oliveira manifested his «satisfaction and pride» for the pact celebrated, declaring furthermore that the club «feels honoured with that partnership».