Can the Scourge of Cardiovascular Disease Be Prevented?

“We have to pass on the idea that cardiovascular disease, although a world and national scourge, can be prevented with small changes in lifestyle”, highlights José Ferreira Santos, clinical director of Hospital da Luz Setúbal, when evaluating the initiative developed by that unit at St. Peter’s International School in Palmela, associated with the World Heart Day.

Hospital da Luz network strives to intervene in the community in terms of health prevention. In this scope, Setúbal unit organized several informative and educational sessions for teachers, students and parents, at this school, covering cardiovascular disease, chain of survival and basic life support in emergency situations. 

Sessions were provided by a team of physicians, nurses and cardiology technologists, and were destined to all students, from elementary to high school – who took the compromise to make small changes in their life style, thus contributing to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Watch the video, here: