Luz Saúde Management Platforms at SIC Notícias Channel

The technological platforms and management systems adopted by Luz Saúde were highlighted in TV show “Exame Informática”, at SIC Notícias Channel, broadcasted on October 21. “It is our responsibility to remain up-to-date and to provide the best solution for our clients”, stressed Ivo Antão, CTO of Luz Saúde.

Health is a sector that relies strongly on technology and the constant change it drives with its advances, added Ivo Antão. “It’s a never-ending exercise, that is to say, we never get the perfect solution, for in the precise moment we believe it to be the best practice, the world changes again.” This is where the responsibility of a management team lies, and it must be taken into consideration that in hospitals the clinical teams’ work has to be combined with “the principle of high and fluent efficiency”.

Besides platforms gathering all the information necessary to the following-up and management of the activity, Grupo Luz Saúde uses Primavera Business Solutions software for electronic invoicing and storage management. “Our hospitals functioning became easier and more oriented”, declared Pedro Lima, GLSMED manager, Luz Saúde company that centralizes the group’s purchasing and logistics.

And by way of example he mentioned the change in supply to Hospital da Luz Lisboa: “Before, about 300 to 400 trucks came to the hospital weekly. Now, it’s only one truck a day, which drives from GLSMED already with the exact supplies needed by that hospital unit”.