Free Screening of Skin Cancer

Rastreio cancro pele setubal 2017

Hospital da Luz Setúbal will offer next May 17 free screening for skin cancer. This initiative in Euromelanoma Day is supported by the Portuguese Association of Skin Cancer, that will offer kits with sun protection creams.

A nurse will make the initial evaluation of the participants, which will afterwards be examined by a physician.

It is worth mentioning that prevention and early diagnosis are essential in skin cancer. Whoever has multiple moles, moles with alterations in shape, size or color, or other cutaneous lesions considered suspicious, should do the screening.

All those interested in this initiative of Hospital da Luz Setúbal must enrol themselves previously by phone 265 509 201 or at the hospital’s Information Desk (Floor 0), for there is a limited number of participants accepted. The screening will take place from 14:00 to 18:00 p.m., at Block B of the Hospital.

The Portuguese Association of Skin Cancer estimates, for the current year, 12 thousand new cases of skin cancer, of which a thousand just of melanoma (the most serious type).
Euromelanoma is a European network of dermatologists created in 1999, in Belgium, already involving 33 countries. Its purpose is to promote and share information on prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.