Imagiology Center

Imagiology Center

The Imaging Center is one of the areas at Hospital da Luz Lisboa where technological innovation is most in evidence.


Based on state-of-the-art technology and totally digital in concept, the Hospital da Luz Lisboa Imaging Center has the most up-to-date diagnostic resources in its area, linked to excellent infrastructure and high quality scientific and technical human resources. 

The collection and evaluation of medical images at the Hospital da Luz Imaging Center has developed in several areas.


The Imaging Center invests heavily in the training of its young and dynamic team, both in the area of undergraduate and graduate degrees, and in theoretical and practical training of a diverse nature. It thereby aims to keep its team at the forefront of the rapidly expanding knowledge in this area and contribute decisively to their motivation and professional and personal enrichment.

Imaging Center Team

The Imaging Center's team consists of physicians, radiologists, neuroradiologists, imaging technicians and imaging and administrative assistants (front office and contact center).