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  • Biopsy

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    • Breast Biopsy

    • Vagina Biopsy

    • Cervical Biopsy

    • Vulvar and Perineal Biopsy

  • Gynecological Ultrasound

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    • Gynecologic Ultrasound (Pelvic / Pelvic with Vaginal Probe)

      This exam requires a specific preparation that includes medication and/or other products. All the information you will need about the exam preparation will be provided (either personally, via email, normal mail or fax) after an appointment has been scheduled.

  • Obstetric Ultrasound

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    • Ultrasound Screening for Fetal Anomalies - 1st Trimester (11-14 weeks)

    • Early Obstetric Ultrasound

  • Other Exams - Gynecology

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    • Cervical Cytology

    • Colposcopy

    • Bone Densitometry

    • Mammography / Breast Ultrasound

    • MRI Pelvic


      The meal prior to taking the MRI exam should be light.
      These exams are contra-indicated and/or may be limited for people with:
      - Cardiac Pacemaker
      - Metallic clips used for aortic or cranial aneurisms
      - Eye filings or metal shrapnel
      - Bone fractures that required metal plates or screws
      - Hearing Implants

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  • Other Exams - Obstetrics

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